“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

In essence, Margaret was describing advocacy movements, where ordinary people come together for an extraordinary cause.

When we think of the dynamics of movements, most of us think of “leader-centric movements” such as those led by extraordinary individuals like Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Sanger or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Others recognize the impact of “organization-centric movements,” where groups such as labor unions, nonprofit organizations and advocacy groups mobilize their constituencies to act for the greater good.

But our world is changing. The future of movements will be driven not by any one person or organization, but instead by leaders and advocates with a wide range of skills and backgrounds who forge meaningful and strategic connections. It is essential for these leaders to tap into high-capacity advocacy networks, where valuable resources can move quickly to meet the needs of the people in the network.

Great movements move the world forward, and our fractured times call for a new way to empower movements. Today, we need a network-centric approach to bring movements forward. And that's where we come in.

What we do

Netcentric Campaigns mobilizes advocacy networks that empower people to catalyze change. By equipping people with training and resources and aligning them around a common vision, our team brings people together to effectively tackle complex issues. 

Our team unleashes the power of advocacy networks by:

  • Creating social ties to build trust among fractured groups
  • Attracting like-minded recruits to the cause
  • Breathing new life into stalled movements
  • Fueling momentum through campaign victories
  • Equipping groups with capacity and tools to seize opportunities
  • Inspiring leaders to massively mobilize for change

At Netcentric Campaigns, we listen to leaders in the field and work with them to achieve solutions. There are no limits, as our team partners with a variety of people and organizations who are at different points on their journey of building a powerful, sustainable network.

Who We Are

Netcentric Campaigns is the next phase of Green Media Toolshed (GMT), a rebrand undertaken in 2013 in order to strengthen our abilities to launch and enhance the power of advocacy networks.

GMT launched in 2000 to strengthen the communications infrastructure for the environmental movement by offering online communication tools, trainings and services. Over the next 13 years, GMT worked with more than 170 state, regional and national environmental organizations, providing members with a powerful suite of communications tools including an online media contact database; a gallery of 6,000 images that could be used at no additional cost; an online press room to help groups work better with reporters; a secure, online organization room to coordinate with partner groups and coalition members; and communications skill-building content, training and links.

GMT amplified the voice of the entire environmental movement by encouraging members to work together and giving them tools that share information and enable collaboration on projects. By operating much like a co-op, GMT brought the full communications toolkit to its members and a result, GMT strengthened the communications capacity of members and enabled them to reach beyond their traditional constituencies.

For more information on our transition, check out our blog.