Case Studies


Case Studies

Netcentric Campaigns mobilizes local and national advocacy networks that help movements thrive: building ties between leaders across the country, bringing together hundreds of thousands of grassroots advocates to take action and inspiring policy change that is making our world a better place.

Understanding that the greatest energy and wisdom in a network lies in its edges, Netcentric Campaigns worked in partnership with the Spirit Aligned Leadership Program to better understand the network of connections between Indigenous women and girls across the United States and Canada.

There is not a simple solution for a problem as complex and deeply entrenched as preparing Atlanta students from underserved communities for successful jobs in science, technology, education, arts and math (STEAM). This is a problem that necessitates a network. Over a period of several months in 2016 and 2017, Netcentric Campaigns conducted a Network Opportunity Assessment (NOA) involving more than 40 leaders from across metro Atlanta to better understand the opportunities and strategy to deliberately build a network that could do help students from underserved communities have success in STEAM careers.

With more than 11,000 members, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Leadership Network is a place for thousands of the most dedicated leaders across the nation to connect and engage with each other and RWJF on building a Culture of Health in America. 

Netcentric Campaigns is connecting leaders and supporters in the movement to halt the harms of fracking in order to solve problems, collaborate, share ideas and inspire each other to halt fracking's impact on our families, communities and environment.

Netcentric Campaigns is empowering progressive advocacy in the Old Line State through the Moving Maryland Forward Network (MMFN), a diverse network of leaders who are working together to create policy change across a wide swath of vital issues.
Netcentric Campaigns led a series of advocacy projects in Pittsburgh that brought together organizations and advocates working to improve the region’s air quality and increase their capacity to win future campaigns.
Netcentric Campaigns transformed the childhood obesity movement when it launched, an advocacy network of more than 3,800 leaders and 315,000 grassroots supporters dedicated to reversing this troubling epidemic.