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Our Services

Netcentric Campaigns transforms advocacy for foundations and nonprofits by building networks of people to move change forward.

At Netcentric Campaigns, we know how to bring people together. We work with leaders and advocates who see how fractured our world has become and want to do something about it. We help these leaders come together with others to forge meaningful connections that will move their collective causes forward. We do this by working with foundations and nonprofit organizations to create advocacy networks that transform movements for the greater good.

These network-centric campaigns dramatically scale up grassroots engagement in advocacy efforts and provide powerful mechanisms for aligning a diverse set of leaders for maximum impact. Doing this requires an entirely new way of thinking about organizing, one that is fundamentally different from traditional centralized approaches to movement building. Netcentric Campaigns builds networks by connecting leaders across a movement and empowering them to achieve change together.

Netcentric Campaigns offers support services for each stage of development as clients work to mobilize advocacy networks:

Network Opportunity Assessment

Before we can begin to build an advocacy network, we need to figure out its structure, including what it will look like and how it will operate. We do this through the Network Opportunity Assessment, which provides our clients with a better understanding of what it takes to build a successful advocacy network and lay the groundwork for a strong network. During the assessment, we make sure everyone working to build the network is on the same page and that there is a clear vision for the overall movement. We teach our clients about the basic structure of advocacy networks and the functionalities that enable them to be effective and point them along the path. We outline the current, largely unorganized state of the network they are aiming to build, and offer a glimpse at how doing so will move change forward more quickly and efficiently. Find out more

Network Action Phase

Just as new websites or technologies often have a beta phase, advocacy networks need a brief pilot period to test out strategies, build alliances and prioritize work. The Network Action Phase period sees our staff working with our clients, stakeholders and key allies to prioritize a set of network-centric interventions. We make sure the traits of a strong network are employed effectively. We run select pilot activities that help network participants learn in a tactile strategy development process. This hands-on and iterative work allows us to prepare for the large-scale mobilization of the network that is to come. Find out more

Network Mobilization

Once the network is established, we can begin to scale up network engagement and help our clients begin to achieve their advocacy goals. During this period, the network is dramatically scaled up in a quick and efficient matter, allowing leaders to achieve key goals and policy priorities. Our team supports the launch and initial management of the network, training and implementing development plans as needed. We also work with organizers and participants to develop a long-term management and sustainability plan, so the network develops the resilience to work successfully time and time again. Find out more

Netcentric Campaigns maintains a clear focus on people and the advocacy network functionality among them. We are purposeful and have a proven process and tools to stay on task and mission. Our focus is on the people in the network and the complete network framework — not the technologies that are used to implement projects. 

Just as artists learn to use perspective in their work and shift the way they use paint on the canvass to achieve accurate representations of reality, understanding Netcentric campaigning changes the way organizers apply traditional tools and assets of their trade to achieve more powerful results.

Our team knows how to build great advocacy networks that create meaningful connections needed to transform advocacy efforts and move change forward. For more information, please contact Katrina Ledbetter via 'katrina at netcentriccampaigns.org.'