Our Team


Our Team

Vice President

Dawn is an accomplished digital strategist who has worked for more than 10 years to provoke advocacy and positive change for nonprofits and associations. As Director of Digital Strategy at Netcentric Campaigns, Dawn works with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Leadership Network, a powerful network of health professionals and experts on LinkedIn. She also leads Netcentric’s work with PreventObesity.net, the only online national network of people solely dedicated to reversing the childhood obesity epidemic.

Development and Operations Coordinator

Horacio supports daily operations at Netcentric Campaigns, handling a wide range of financial, clerical and administrative duties. He also provides administrative support for the president and chief operating officer in special projects and coordinates scheduling, travel and expense reporting. In addition, he plays a role in the organization’s financial development as a project coordinator and leads (willingly or not) the Netcentric team to a healthier, more balanced life through the organizational wellness program.

Community Activation Strategist

Prarthana provides critical community outreach, Leader recruitment and cultivation to several advocacy networks managed by Netcentric Campaigns. She currently manages Leader growth and base-building around the Halt the Harm Network, by connecting and supporting individuals, experts and front-line communities working against fracking's harms in 28 different states. Her primary focus in building and growing advocacy networks is to learn about, build relationships with and engage individuals to support collective action and ownership. She also conducts oversight of network infrastructure and communications including websites, databases and social media.

Founder and President

Marty pioneered integration of network-centric principles into civic organizing and social change work. He drives the strategy, vision and the development of Netcentric Campaigns, working with advocacy leaders from nonprofits and foundations to further their understanding of the powerful role networks of people can play in all elements of their work.

Program Analyst

Katrina provides analytical and project management support to projects at Netcentric Campaigns, including the Robert Wood Johnson Leadership Network, the Halt the Harm Network and several others. She oversees data collection, monitoring and reporting on projects, which is critical to establishing and maintaining healthy feedback mechanisms in networks. In addition, she also provides capacity-planning and forecasting support to the operations team.