At Netcentric Campaigns, we believe that most people learn best by doing. That’s why the Network Action Phase — the second step in the network building process — is so important. Just as new websites or technologies often have a beta phase, advocacy networks need a brief pilot period to figure out the strategies that will work best.

Typically a year-long process, the Network Action Phase sees our staff working with our clients, stakeholders and key allies to prioritize a set of network-centric interventions, which can include:

  • Recruiting key advocacy leaders to join the network;

  • Identifying and piloting services to help leaders working in the field;

  • Developing and implementing a plan for network governance;

  • Establishing an evaluation and metrics system to track network activities;

  • Running pilot advocacy campaigns to begin to build grassroots support;

  • Developing a long-term budget, timeline and milestones to guide the network as it works to mobilize on a bigger scale.

The activities that take place during the Network Action Phase build off of the findings of the Network Opportunity Assessment. During the planning phase, the Netcentric team works hard to ensure the Seven Elements of an Advocacy Network are put into place and employed effectively, so the network is well-positioned toward sustainability when it enters the Network Mobilization.

Each Network Action Phase is custom. This period is purposefully designed to allow the Netcentric team and our clients to try new things and test new strategies. The network team learns by doing, creating ties with leaders in the field and collecting valuable data to guide the network moving forward. It is a hands-on, project-driven learning process. There are no mistakes made during this period, only lessons learned to help create the strongest advocacy network possible.

At the end of the planning period, Netcentric Campaigns will provide our client with recommendations and strategic guidance for moving the network into Network Mobilization.

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