Meredith Curtis


Meredith Curtis

The ACLU of Maryland is a huge fan of the MMFN.

Meredith Curtis is communications director of the ACLU of Maryland, where she works to promote the rights of all Marylanders. Meredith is also a Maryland Moving Forward Network leader, where she joins dozens of progressive colleagues across the state in leading advocacy efforts to improve people’s lives.


“Gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly, and equally,” said President Obama, and MMFN Leader Meredith Curtis, communications director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland (ACLU-MD), couldn’t agree more. She and her team view this historic moment as a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of loving families. As the issue of gay marriage sweeps the nation, each state has the opportunity to decide how to protect families. In Maryland, as in so many other states, the jury was still out on whether the political will would sway.


The marriage equality movement was at a tipping point in Maryland, and Meredith needed more support to push the issue the rest of the way to the governor’s office. She teamed ACLU-MD’s Marriage Fairness campaign with MMFN’s Supporter base—mobilizing people to connect with those who could lend their voice and support for same-sex marriage legislation in Maryland in 2012. MMFN and the ACLU teamed up to ask their networks to tell Governor O’Malley to support marriage equality in Maryland.


Over 12,600 Marylanders raised their voice in support of marriage equality. In February 2012, Meredith and other MMFN Leaders were present to witness Governor O’Malley sign the Civil Marriage Protection Act into law, which enabled committed gay and lesbian couples to get a civil marriage license. MMFN helped Meredith and her team add more than 10,600 new supporters to the movement – growing her original list by 2,126 percent – all ready to take action on the next battle in the fight for equal rights.